Tango Music Studio

The Church Studio is designed around Chris’s needs as a Writer and Producer. This large bright open space features a cathedral ceiling, ideal for live drums and ensemble recordings. The central focus of the space is a C3 Yamaha grand piano.

The Studios Argosy Console consists of four Neve 1073 and ten Metric Halo ULN preamps. The LIO-8, ULN-8 and ULN-2 are routed through a patch bay to a 16 Channel Neve Summing Mixer with an inserted Neve Mastering Compressor and Neve EQ. At the centre is the AVID Artist Mix Controller and Mac Pro with Logic X, UAD, MH, Plugins and Arturia, NI, VSL sample libraries. The Studio has a full range of microphones including a Neumann U87 & KM184.

The EMS Studio is an original 1970’s Analog Electronic Music Studio with three EMS synthesizers controlled by two EMS sequencers, EMS random voltage generator and EMS keyboard. This is all routed to a single patch bay, allowing each synth to interact and control each other, arriving at eight balanced outputs wired to the main studio console.