Negotiate a licence agreement before using any Chris Harold sound recordings or music videos. Please send any request to license sound recordings or videos by email. We negotiate licences on a case-by-case basis having regard to your proposed use of our sound recordings or videos.

Consideration to licence sound recordings on a non-exclusive basis for a range of uses, including synchronisation licences (eg films, computer games and audio-visual presentations); compilation licences; communication to the public licences (eg transmission in media such as television, radio, internet or mobile devices) and public performance (eg playing music videos and sound recordings in public places, such as commercial premises).

After considering your request, we may provide a quote which will be subject to contract and any other formal clearances (such as artist approval, as applicable). If agreement is reached on the terms, we will issue you with a formal licence agreement for signing.

Direct Licensing Guidelines may be revised from time to time.